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- innovative way to organize the learning process

- full conformity with federal education standard requirements

- 3 modules which can be replaced by one another

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My university

Information logging

The system creates a report on the actions of each user, so the Rector or management team of the university can track all of the actions

Data protection

All of the educational material (lectures, tasks, etc.) published in the system are copy-protected. Furthermore, students are not allowed to work together under one account from several devices at the same time. This provides control of testing and lectures.

System provides

  • a possibility to introduce to the curriculum
  • an unimpeded access to incentive program of disciplines (modules), practice and recommendations, and its methodological supply
  • free access to electronic educational resources
  • access to electronic resources and library system
  • fixation of educational process progress, education evaluation procedure, and the main curriculum
  • conducting all the types of sessions, education evaluation procedure, which could be realized using remote technologies
  • building a student’s electronic portfolio according to academic development, student’s work with reviews and grades by all of the educational process participants
  • interaction between the parties involved in the educational process (including synchronous and/or asynchronous ones) using the Internet

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Module Electronic information and education environment EIEE

This module is composed of a web site and mobile app for iOS and Android. The module provides information exchange between student and professors, allow tracking changes in the schedule, to see pertinent job proposals, get access to curricula and scientific work, duplicate information from the grade book, and create rankings. The notifications system provides instant informing about all of the events in the university.

Implementation of this module allows to:

  • improve the control over the educational process and professor’s work
  • improve the quality of education and students relevance on the labor market
  • ensure that the demands of EIEE are met
  • schedule and organize education process
  • obtain quick statistical reporting

Module usage allows to:

  • get easy access to educational material
  • track actual job offers
  • get full details about current performance and to control it during the semester
  • get an individual electronic portfolio to interact with the employer
  • get easy access to educational and professor’s schedule

You can get more information by downloading the project presentation

Module remote education

Ensure the implementation of remote education technologies in the education process to improve the quality of education and expand the range of university services. The possibility of placing structured education manuals and lectures on this platform is realized. After reviewing published information, a student could pass a test or complete the task to assess the measure of material understanding. Embedded webinars allow creating multiple of video lectures. The main objective of this module is to reduce the cost of the educational process in branches.

Implementing this module will allow to:

  • Build a comfortable system of remote education
  • Improve the quality of teaching in branches

Module usage will allow to:

  • Build a comfortable system of remote education
  • Improve the quality of teaching in branches

You can get more information by downloading the project presentation

Module Electronic Dean's Office

Simplifies document management in the university: submission of documents, certificates receiving, collecting, and recording information about students. Creating of united information space provides effective information exchanging between university divisions, creating statements for its saving and unloading.

Module integration allows to:

  • Standardize workflow and make it easier
  • Provide effective information exchange between departments

Module usage allows to:

  • implement remote admission process
  • learn about curricula

You can get more information by downloading the project presentation

Demo access

To learn about our electronic internet system "My University" we are ready to provide a free demo access to you. After sending your application for demo access, you will get four accounts (roles):

1. Test account - Student

2. Test account - Professor

3. Test account - Curator

4. Test account 4-min-min Employer

All accounts will have full access to all system functionality. You will be able to log in under different roles and independently check the convenience, simplicity, functionality and modernity of the system. At the same time, you get access to the system for 30 calendar days.


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